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18. März 2013

Literary Award for Seraph ASH AND PHOENIX

ASH AND PHOENIX was awarded the Leipzig Book Fair with the Seraph 2013 as the best book. The Seraph, awarded by the Academy and a fantastic five ten-member jury, awarded annually since 2012. The prize for the best debut share Mechthild glasses and Jan Oldenburg [ssba_hide].

I am thrilled with the award for ASH AND PHOENIX and thank you very much for the jury and the fantastic Academy.

Overall, the book fair was once again a great experience. My two readings on the fantasy reading were packed – many thanks to all who have subsequently continued with a few hundred others in the Signierschlangen. The patience of an angel, with the vast majority of the queue is really admirable! At the end of all their signed books and cards should have gotten.

For us fantasy writers of WerkZeugs stand next to the island was reading again the first stop for coffee, cake and meetings with colleagues. Definitely my favorite on the show!

In addition, Germany’s biggest fantasy and science-fiction-fantasy portal couch ASH AND PHOENIX chose just for fantastic book of 2012.

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14. Februar 2013

The dates for the book tour

Monday, 02.25.2013, 19:00 clock
House of Literature Hamburg Schwanenwik 38, 208725 Hamburg
Together with Sascha Rotermund

Tuesday, 02.26.2013, 20:15 clock
Thalia HOUSE OF BOOK Dr. Kulice-Ring 1, 01067 Dresden

Wednesday, 27.02.2013, 20:00 clock
Otherland bookshop, Bergmann Strasse 25, 10961 Berlin

Thursday, 02.28.2013, 19:00 clock
Bookstore Graff, Bag 15, 38100 Braunschweig

Friday, 01.03.2013, 20:00 clock
Lünebuch – Bookstore on the market, Bardowicker Straße 1, 21335 Lüneburg

Saturday, 03.16.2013, 20:15 clock
Hugendubel bookstore, Peter Strasse 12, 04109 Leipzig
Together with Sascha Rotermund

Leipzig Book Fair:
Saturday, 03.16.2013, 14:00 clock and
Sunday, 17.03.2013, 14:00 clock
Fantasy reading, Hall 2, Stand G307/H308

30. Januar 2013

New video interview with Audible


30. Januar 2013

The fifth CLOUD PEOPLE comic is here!

With the fifth hardcover album is the comic adaptation of the CLOUD PEOPLE last novel in the trilogy, DRAGON AND DIAMOND arrived. The comic was drawn back by Ralf Schlüter, text adaptation is by Yann Krehl. Is the band appeared in the splitter Publishing and can be ordered directly from there or in any bookstore.

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