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US-Paperback: 2003 by White Wolf Publishing
Artist: Dieter Jüdt
Author: Kai Meyer

The Fate of a Heaven… This graphic novel leads us into the past of the angelic orders in the post-apolcalyptic world of Engel. The Dramseedlaunches a devastating attack on the Raguelites‘ Heaven. The mysterious Wanderer appears to warn the Raguelites of the imminent catastrophe. Lale, Sister of Angels, a little girl who grew up under the Raguelites‘ wing, heeds the warning and faces the Dreamseed’s onslaught… with the help of the Pandoramicum. … In a Little Girl’s Hands…

This book by two of Germany’s most celebrated comic book and novel creators ties the Engel roleplaying game and depicts one of the turning points in the Angelic Orders‘ recent history, the aftermath of which can still be felt in the world of the game.